• Lawn and Garden
    Lawn and Garden Lawn and Garden
    Flowers year-round and improves nitrogen levels in soil

    Lawn and Garden

    When used as a groundcover or replacement for grass in the landscape, PS144 provides many of the benefits of mulch, improving the performance of tress and shrubs and increasing levels of nitrogen in the soil. It flowers continually throughout the year, thriving in both full sun and shady environments.

  • Grove and Plantation Cover
    Grove and Plantation Cover Grove and Plantation Cover
    Provides excellent erosion control and requires less maintenance

    Grove and Plantation Cover

    PS144 plants provide excellent erosion control and require less maintenance than grasses when used as a groundcover in plantations and groves. PS144 does not compete with the crop and can actually improve the soil by reducing nitrogen fertilizer requirements.

  • Pasture & Paddock Forage
    Pasture & Paddock Forage Pasture & Paddock Forage
    High forage value increases health and gain of pastured animals

    Pasture & Paddock Forage

    As a legume, PS144 can increase soil nitrogen levels therefore improving the growth of pasture grass. Its high forage value increases the health and gain of pastured animals and makes an excellent forage for horses.

  • Professional Landscaping
    Professional Landscaping Professional Landscaping
    Has attractive foliage and performs well in warm summer months

    Professional Landscaping

    PS144 has attractive green foliage, produces prolific yellow flowers and performs particularly well in the warm summer months, making it an excellent choice for the landscape.

Pintoy Seeds, LLC develops, produces and markets Pintoy seeds worldwide. Pintoy is a perennial peanut that is propagated from seed and has been used in South America, Australia and Hawaii as both a landscape plant and a tropical forage.

Today, Pintoy Seeds is marketing the variety PS144. PS144 is a low-growing variety that has proven excellent for applications such as an ornamental groundcover in the landscape, pasture and paddock forage, and as a groundcover in groves and plantations.

Pintoy varieties are a seeded species of Perennial Peanut (Arachis pintoi) and these are distinctive from non-seeded Rhizomal varieties of Perennial Peanut (Arachis glabrata) released by the University of Florida. For a full explanation, go to our Tech Info page.